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Ownership FAQs

When can I stay at my holiday home?

Gilsland Park is open from 1st March – 7th January each year.

Can I choose the pitch for my holiday home?

Some vans are sold on their current stance, however if you have ordered a new when you visit the park, we will show you round and advise you on which pitches are available for you to choose from.

Can I allow friends and family to use my holiday home?

Yes, it is your holiday home and you are free and welcome to invite friends and family to use your holiday home as you wish. Commercial letting or letting for any kind of monetary gain is not permitted however.

What annual charges might I expect?

Your site fees are paid annually along with a rates contribution which all contributes to the running of the park. Your electricity is metered and billed twice a year, likewise gas is available in canister so you pay for what you use. In addition you will have insurance to consider.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, cheques, bank transfer and most major credit and debit cards.

What deposit will I be required to pay?

A 10% deposit price on the purchase price of the caravan will secure a sale.

How quickly can I use my holiday home?

Should you purchase one of our stock models we will advise a date as soon as possible. If you are purchasing a model to order, we will advise of timescales once we have confirmed with the manufacturer.

Can I live in my holiday home all year round?

No, your holiday caravan cannot be your main residence you will need to provide proof of residency elsewhere when you purchase your holiday home.

Are dogs welcome?

Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome on the park but must be kept on a lead at all times and picked up afterwards.