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By Isobel Muckett (age 10)

My name is Isobel Muckett (age 10) and I am going to tell you about my wonderful trip to the amazing Gilsland Park.

Me - Laura Muckett writing my Blog 

 Gilsland is a caravan park in North Berwick with a park and beautiful sights everywhere.

My family stayed in a lodge and had a lovely time, we spent most of it in the hot tub.

Us in the Hot Tub

I would definitely say that it was a five star place and if you have kids it would be a good idea to bring their adventure stuff because it is a very big adventure.

Capturing the moment

 I didn't not know much about Gilsland but I do now, it has been owned by one family for a long time and I would really like to go again and have another amazing weekend.     

HMS Gilsland  The Swings

 The lodge was also very cosy and it felt a lot like home because it had …

A dining table

Cooking stuff

Three bedrooms

Really cosy beds

Nice warm showers

Lots of pillows

Really nice sofas

and big TV

A really hot, hot tub with lights and bubbles and a lot more things.

It was nice to have a weekend away with some TV and relaxation.

Well I had a lovely time and would definitely recommend it to all people of any age and I am sure they would love to have you as well.

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A big thank you to Isobel for reviewing Gilsland Park!  

If you or your child is interested in writing a blog / diary of their thoughts on Gilsland Park please contact carlene@gilslandpark.co.uk 

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